labor day

Captive is short for

Captivated so

Tell me more about being alone

Tell me more about feeling desperate

Tell me more about your isolated mind

And I’ll glue my body onto your destructive intellect

My eyes are framed solely on the spin room your observations violently weave

My fingers are at attention

My flesh on the front lines

You’ve got me

As much as black hole can capture cosmic explosion

You’ve got me

As much as sink hole can capture unsuspecting tender feet

You’ve got me

As much as stockholm can award prizes for most in tune with interpretations of

The Divine

Tempt me with serious questions

Then taunt me with blank face and explosive change of heart

I’ll sit still silently

Easing up on my trigger finger

Known deadly to the worst kinds of Simple

Throw me a soft ball or two

Then hold me steady and strong armed

I’ll pant at your door

Wagging a tail that’s never felt the pulse of warm blood

Until it’s felt the dis-ease of being benched.

Tell me every fear and explain every bruise

My salve is that of ripe ears

Too young to suspect malice or greed

Too jaded to appreciate the Clear

Tell me stories about ghosts and grappling with a fear of being deadly

And I’ll convince myself it’s life

Not speed

That I’m tabled by.


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